We supply wear and spare parts for processing plants, in particular for impact crushers, roller mills, hammer mills, jaw crushers, rotary crushers, cone crushers and shredder equipment.

A sample of our product range:

Impact crushers
Baffle plates, impact baffles, impact aprons, grinding beams, grate packages, infeed beams, lining plates and sheets, infeed sheets, rotors, and much more.

Roller mills
Grinding rollers, grinding rings, slip rings

Hammer mills
Hammer drills, rotors

Jaw crushers
Crushing jaws, orthogonal wedge tools, knee lift plates

Rotary and cone crushers
Cones, casings

Shredder equipment
Hammer drills, grates, linings, crusher bars and, much more.

The right material for every operation

Our many years of experience enable us to support you when choosing the best type of material for your specific needs. This lets us optimise the output of your plant and help you keep production costs to a minimum.


Steel and cast steel components

Component: Material:
Impact baffles Chrome moly steel, martensitic heat-treatable steel, austenitic manganese steel, rolled steel
Impact aprons Austenitic manganese steel
Grinding beams Chrome moly steel
Grate packages Spring steel
Infeed beams Austenitic manganese steel, rolled steel
Lining plates Chrome moly steel, rolled steel
Infeed sheets Rolled steel
Grinding rollers Chrome moly steel
Grinding rings Chrome moly steel
Hammer drills Chrome moly steel, austenitic manganese steel
Crushing jaws Austenitic manganese steel
Orthogonal wedge tools Rolled steel
Knee lift plates Cast iron (grey iron), rolled steel
Cones and casings Austenitic manganese steel
Grates Austenitic manganese steel
Crusher bars Austenitic manganese steel
Baffle plates Chrome moly steel, martensitic heat-treatable steel, austenitic manganese steel


We also supply cast steel components with wear resistant inserts.

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